Learn how to obtain, flip and market homes to build wealth?

REI Coaching Program Includes:

REI Coaching Program 2016 (Revised Format)

12 Month Program:

  1. 5 One on One Meetings with Mentor
  2. 1-2 Group Meetings per Month with Private Network Group (closed to public)
  3. Peer Partnering Options Available to you with Network
  4. Access to Support Desk (24/7)
  5. Direct Access to Mentor
  6. Direct Funding Option Available for Qualified Deals*
  7. Referral Incentive:  For each referral (paid in full) you will receive an additional month of participation at no charge.

* Please do not commit to "AUCTION" properties online or in person without a 4-5 days advance notice.  We must have an opportunity to review the deal and determine its viability as well as auction requirements, financial and otherwise. Please note that the majority of auction platforms do not allow for wholesaling terms to be written into the contract and therefore can not be wholesaled in the traditional sense.  If you are bidding in an auction you must be able to pay the EMD and associated fees up front out of pocket.  If we fund the purchase you will be reimbursed, the offer must be made by our representative in order to properly reflect our LLC/Trust.  Further criteria requirements are as follows: Property must be a SFR or MFR with 4 units or less.  All SFR's must be a minimum of 3 bedrooms, marketable size. Other criteria is applied please contact us to discuss in greater detail.

Course Outline:

  1. Mastering Offer Contracts and Forms
  2. Property Valuation
  3. Comparative Market Analysis Preparation
  4. Entity Creation and Branding
  5. Joint Venture Agreements
  6. Business & Marketing Plan
  7. Marketing for Deals
  8. List Building & Leveraging
  9. Negotiation Techniques
  10. Wholesaling Properties
  11. Subject To & Lease Purchase
  12. Project Management
  13. Private Lender Acquisition

Please see Mentor Cheryl Gleason on PRICING INFORMATION to Participate in REI Coaching Program as stated ABOVE 

Email:  cherylynngleason@gmail.com

Mobile: 617.908.7659

Participating Mentoring Clients Meetup fee waived.

Must be a “current” mentoring client or a fully vested past client.

Please note that any clients who are in “hold” status are unable to participate.

Must have a fully executed coaching contract and/or addendum to the original.

All funding applicants must comply with screening criteria. 

Please note, while coach may supply a lead from time to time for consideration and/or potenial purchase, leads are not guaranteed to participating clients. Clients must market and obtain their own leads in order to be successful and sustainable in "their" real estate business.  Our program provides the tools and techniques but in no way warranties (express or implied) or promises that the student/client will receive a lead.  

The Birchcroft Group is dedicated to providing consistent professional results to you.   As a Real Estate Investor, Birchcroft Development is constantly aquiring and rehabbing properties.  Our "house flipping" success is attributed to our proven formula, managing the day to day operations with our timeline in mind at all times. 

As a real estate manager/ investor we have completed a multitude of renovated single family homes and multi-family homes with consistent profitable returns. Additionally, our coaching expert provides a solution to individuals who have a desire to learn the ins and outs of this industry.  We were once where you are now, with a list of questions...

How to begin?

What are the risks?

Where is the money?

How do I know which house to choose?

Can I do this part time, full time?

How do I find resources, vendors, contractors, etc?

We will provide guidance and answers to all of these questions. 

Just call or email us with your questions, what do you have to lose?  We do this successfully right here in New England and are accessible to you when you need guidance.  

Please note:  We may occasionally supply leads for funding and subsequent project manager assignments (optional) to our mentoring clients to enable them the "earn while they earn", however, this is not an obligation nor a requirement of our contract.  You must take on the responsibility of your business.  We will provide guidance and feedback as needed in a timely manner to assist you in your efforts.

References provided upon request.


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