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We can fund your deals at no cost to you, yes, really, no cost to you! 

Provided the deal meets our criteria* we will fund and help you flip the property!
If you are a WHOLESALER, we are buyers and close quickly, contact us to present your deal for purchase.

If you are just starting out we offer guidance and coaching. You can reach us here:  

* Please do not commit to "AUCTION" properties online or in person without a 4-5 days advance notice.  We must have an opportunity to review the deal and determine its viability as well as auction requirements, financial and otherwise. Please note that the majority of auction platforms do not allow for wholesaling terms to be written into the contract and therefore can not be wholesaled in the traditional sense.  If you are bidding in an auction you must be able to pay the EMD and associated fees up front out of pocket.  If we fund the purchase you will be reimbursed, the offer must be made by our representative in order to properly refleact our LLC/Trust.  Further criteria requirements are as follows: Property must be a SFR or MFR with 4 units or less.  All SFR's must be a minimum of 3 bedrooms, marketable size. Other criteria is applied please contact us to discuss in greater detail.

Phone: 617 908 7659


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